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Do Spelling Bees in High School Look Good on College Apps?

As you prepare to apply for college, I’m sure many people are giving you advice about what to include and what to leave out. While everyone has their own opinion about what extracurriculars are better to have on your high school record, the truth is all of them have an impact on your continued learning, development, and character.

Spelling bees in high school look good on college applications and you should include the experience on your college transcripts. They can be especially helpful if you’re planning on studying a related field.

In the rest of this article, I’ll explain a few topics related to this subject, including more information about spelling bees on your college application, what you should list on your college applications, and what extracurriculars look good on admission paperwork.  

When to include Spelling Bee on College Applications.

Should I Include My High School Spelling Bees on College Applications? 

You might be afraid that you won’t stand out against the crowd if you put the wrong things on a college app. But often, college admissions just want to know that you are interested in activities outside of the classroom or have the dedication to complete large goals.

You should include your high school spelling bee on your college application because it showcases your vocabulary and linguistic skills. Additionally, it highlights your competitive spirit, and if you win, it emphasizes your commitment and dedication.  

Spelling bees are about so much more than just spelling words. Some people think that spelling is an archaic study because of auto-correct and other automatic grammar applications in the modern world. But, spelling bees don’t just test your phonic skills. They also showcase your deep thinking capabilities. 

If you’ve ever participated in a spelling bee, you know that it takes hours of practice, learning, and dedication to be successful. Not only are you memorizing words and their spelling, but you’re also learning what a wide array of words mean, how to use them in sentences correctly, and cognitive and communication skills.  

Highlighting your spelling bee wins and participation is a chance for you to detail how you have developed self-confidence in your ability to master language. In addition, this article from ABC 15 News says that college admission committees are eager to see extracurricular activities listed on your application, including spelling bees.

Colleges want dynamic individuals who can excel in the classroom. Who is better equipped to excel in class than someone who has spent countless hours studying the English language as a spelling bee participant? 

Not only will spelling bee participation and wins help you get into college, but they can also help you in the post-secondary world.

Communication is the epitome of success in the professional world. Understanding language and how to apply it is a critical skill that only a few have. So, be proud of your spelling bee participation and show it off!

What Should You List on a College Application? 

College applications can cause lots of stress for students. From wondering what to include in the application and how to pay the fees to submit them, it can be daunting to decide what your school wants to see from you. 

You should list everything that will make you look like a well-rounded, experienced, and driven student on your college applications. Any extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and challenging courses should be included. 

College applications can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. For example, if you have participated in a club, activity, sport, or volunteering, you need to include it in your college applications.

A college application is your chance to shine. So don’t leave anything out, not even spelling bees.  

What Extracurriculars Look Good on a College Application?

If you’re getting ready to apply for college, there’s no doubt that you have a lot on your mind. Not only about where you want to use it, but what you should do to make your application pop. 

All extracurricular activities look good on college applications, but a few categories stand out amongst them all: sports, academic competitions, volunteer work, and internships/part-time jobs. 

Colleges want to admit students who will make a positive impact on their institution. Sports are a great way to do that because they require lots of time, dedication, and commitment on the student’s part. However, sports are not for everyone, and if you don’t have any athletic participation to include in your application, that’s okay!

Other items that look great on college applications are academic competitions. Yup, back to spelling bees; see how great they can be? Spelling bees and debate or knowledge bowl competitions can also be great additions for your college applications. 

In addition to sports and academic competitions, volunteer work or part-time jobs and internships also look great on college applications. The ability to balance work and school is a tricky skill to master; many students are unsuccessful at this juggling act until they reach college, so if you have employment experience, this is a significant bonus.

Of course, these categories aren’t all-inclusive of extracurriculars you can or should include in your college applications. You can add loads of other things like participation in performing arts, student council, or any social activism you may have participated in.

Again, colleges want to see a well-rounded student that can make their university a better place. Show them that that’s you with all the extracurriculars you’ve participated in. 


Spelling bees shouldn’t be discounted from college applications. While some students and individuals think spelling bees are lame compared to sports, or other extracurriculars, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Spelling bees are fantastic to include on college applications. Spelling bees highlight your academically transferable skills more than sports while also showcasing your competitiveness. 

Colleges want to see students who are passionate in and outside the classroom. Spelling bees are great ways to demonstrate that you’re an excellent fit for the school you’re applying to.

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