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Student Council vs UNICEF for College Applications

High school clubs are fun and great for meeting people, but you can also learn a lot of great skills that’ll help you when applying to college. Two great clubs for this are the student council and UNICEF. So which looks better for college applications: student council or UNICEF? 

Student council is great for building leadership skills, especially if you can run and get a position on the board. You also interact with and help a lot of your peers. On the other hand, UNICEF focuses more on work within your community and raising money to help UNICEF’s mission. 

This article explains the benefits of having a student council on your college application compared to having UNICEF. We also explain how to choose between the two clubs if you have a hard time deciding which one to join. 

Student Council vs UNICEF for college application

Benefits of Student Council

Student council is a great extracurricular activity to have on your college applications. It also gives you a lot of opportunities to meet and interact with many people in your class and your school during events and elections. 


The biggest benefit of showing that you were involved in the student council on your college applications is that it shows off your leadership skills. 

Having a high position where you lead your entire class and set up activities and events for the school is a skill that colleges like to see. And being your student council president is great, but so are the other positions that your student council has. 

Any leadership position that you can have will help you stand out to colleges. 

Ability To Work With Peers

Another benefit of being on the student council for your college applications is that it shows your ability to work with various people. 

No matter how big your school and your class are, there will always be different types of people and personalities you need to work with within the student council. And being able to take ideas from everyone and find a good balance and compromise between them is another skill you show to colleges by being in student council (source). 

Government Experience

Having student council on your college application is extremely beneficial if you go into certain majors. Since the student council highlights leadership and government, having this experience on your college application helps if you want to major in political science, history, or any other social sciences. 

Benefits of UNICEF

UNICEF is another great club to have on college applications. Compared to the student council, UNICEF has a bigger focus on community service and raising money for UNICEF’s mission. Instead of primarily students within your school, you will be working with a wider variety of people, including members of your community and other UNICEF clubs. 

Community Service 

One of the biggest benefits of having UNICEF on your college application is that it shows that you care about other people in the world and are willing to spend your time helping them. UNICEF is also a great extracurricular to have on your college applications if you apply to certain majors like Human Services or Social Work. 


A big part of being in UNICEF is raising money and holding fundraisers at your school. Being able to do this shows colleges that you can organize events. And, if your UNICEF club raised a lot of money at your fundraisers, it shows that you are successful at holding events. 

Teaching and Public Speaking

UNICEF focuses on educating others about UNICEF’s mission and goals outside of raising money. When you participate in UNICEF education events, it shows off your ability to teach and even your public speaking skills. 

Both are important to colleges, especially if you are going into a major that requires these skills, such as education or business, where public speaking is important. 

Furthermore, educational events show that you can talk to various people. Whether you are educating your peers, your fellow UNICEF members, or people outside of your school in the community, being able to share information is important, and colleges will look highly on this skill. 

Self-Starter and Initiative

Finally, every school has a student council, but not every school has a UNICEF Club. If your school does not have one, you should consider creating one. Starting a club will make your college application stand out because it shows drive and initiative, especially if you can highlight how big your UNICEF Club grew or how much you could accomplish in your time in the club (source).

How To Choose Between Student Council and UNICEF

Now that you know the benefits of having each club on your college applications, you may have a better idea of which one to join. 

If you are still unsure, consider the career path and major you are interested in. If one club gives you more skills and similar opportunities to that major, you should join that club. 

If you are not sure what you want to major in, decide if building your leadership skills and interacting primarily with your peers is more interesting to you, or if you would prefer to work with a community and help less fortunate people in the world. 

And you should always remember that while college applications are important, having fun is even more important. You should not join a club because you think it will look good on your college applications. 

You should join the clubs you like because you want to do them. 

If you are still conflicted about which club to join, consider joining both. If your schedule allows for it and not too many of the events and club meetings overlap, being a part of both clubs is a feasible option. And, you should try to be in both if you are interested in both and are not just doing them to benefit your college application. 

Final Thoughts

Student council and UNICEF are both great clubs to join in high school. While you should not join a club solely because it will look good on your college applications, these two clubs make your applications stand out. 

Student council shows your ability to lead and work with your peers, but UNICEF shows that you care about the world around you and can raise money for good causes. Both are great, and no matter which one you choose to join, make sure you highlight your achievements and skills from the club on your college applications. 

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